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What does it take to keep fish and care for a freshwater aquarium environment?
Use these tips and shopping guide to become a pro in no time.

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multiple blue fish swimming in a tank with green plants
small square aquarium sitting on table

Getting Started

Selecting your aquarium and tank setup
man cleaning and draining aquarium

Long Term Care

Maintenance for healthy fish and a vibrant aquarium
goldfish with green vegetation in background

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Care guide with new pet parent checklist

Getting Started

Select Your Aquarium

small square aquarium sitting on table


Fins First - Essentials your fish will love! 

Substrate and Decor

multicolor fish swimming around a castle decoration in tank

Let There Be Light!

Home Sweet Home

new fish being introduced to new aquarium home

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Long Term Care

Cycling Nitrogen

Turn Up the Heat

thermometer on tank measuring water temperature

Tank Maintenance and Water Changes

Water Quality and Care

group of orange and white fish swimming in aquarium

Create a Feeding Frenzy

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